Health Prevention Center specializes principally in ambulatory diagnosis (check-up, medical check-ups) and preventive examinations.

Incorpore Family Office provides all the necessary additional services (specialized medical translations, hotel booking, transfers, visa support, etc.).

Since 2004 our company works successfully in the market of medical services. Till 2014, we have operated as a service company for the organization of health care in Switzerland. During this time we managed to  build up a network of the best doctors recognized throughout Switzerland and Europe. Among them are celebrities in various fields of medicine. For example, Dr Olivier de Frahan, world famous plastic surgeon consults in our center.

On March 27th  2014 we received our medical license, and now Health Prevention Center operates in two fields – as an ambulatory diagnostic medical center and as a service company in the field of medicine.

Our medical center is located in the heart of Geneva. In collaboration with the best specilaists in Geneva and Switzerland, we offer our patients the most advanced and high-tech opportunities in the field of medicine.

Diagnostics, anamnesis, discussion of the results of the examinations take place directly in our medical center. If the patient  needs  to conduct invasive procedures, surgery, or undergo a rehabilitation program, specialists of our center will select the doctors, professors specializing in a particular field of medicine, as well as well-equipped clinics, optimally adapted to the necessary requirements. The main task of our medical center is to provide the most professional service in the field of medicine.

Health Prevention Center is surrounded with the most professional and highly qualified doctors in Switzerland, with an excellent reputation both among doctors and among patients, with many years of experience: doctors, professors, associate professors, specialists FMH. Our task – to find a doctor for you in this country, who specializes precisely on your problem and practice in the clinic, most technologically prepared for effective examination and surgery. Treatment in Switzerland are a cutting-edge technology and equipment of last generation and, of course, the high-qualified doctors. Treatment and Diagnostics in Switzerland with Incorpore Medical Center are most effective and highly comfortable.

Our medical center is working with various private clinics, as well as public hospitals, which allows us to offer patients a full range of the most advanced medical and technical service. It must be also noted that doctors, with whom we collaborate, are competent in various areas of medicine such as heart surgery, neurosurgery, oncology, rehabilitation after stroke and other neurological diseases, treatment of infertility, obstetrics, rejuvenation, plastic surgery and others.

Incorpore Medical Center created different medical examinations (check-up) for its patients:

Incorpore Medical Center makes a particular emphasis to disease prevention. The purpose of preventive examinations is to determine whether the patient is at risk, and if so, to prevent the development of disease as efficiently as possible.

Preventive medical examinations

All preventive examinations include a wide laboratory diagnosis, various radiological studies, envetually nuclear medicine exams, nutrition and lifestyle evalutation.

Treatment and diagnosis in our center include a complete diagnostic examination using the most advanced equipment.

Treatment in Switzerland means  highly qualified doctors, excellent care, the most modern hospitals with excellent facilities and quality service. Not only the best clinics, but also the best doctors in the best clinics in Switzerland – this is our offer to you. Incorpore Medical Center will do the best to make your organization impeccable and in correspondanc with your wishes! We will always be next to you. We will always help you with any questions. Your health – our care.